Friday, April 17

There is a Light

It has been awhile since anyone has posted on this site. I want to say that I feel a mixture of happy and sad about our little church. I don't understand what happened but after being at Gleaners Saturday -even for the short time I was there- I know God is in this place. I believe this is what this little building was meant for. Never do we have so many come and be blessed. I think we members are even more blessed than the people.

Funny how things turn out sometimes. I have grown and learned so much about God's grace here at this place and that will live with me forever. I love our diverse group of families who serve. And now we have other area churches getting involved. Disregarding denomination-serving in Christ's name and isn't that what it is all about?

Perhaps the living waters are flowing and for that we should all feel blessed. Enjoy the pics...I couldn't upload the pictures because they were too large and I don't know how to fix that. I'll try to later. Have a super day!

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