Wednesday, April 30

Tuesday Prayer Night

Tuesday night four of us arrived at 7 pm to hand out flyers for our upcoming food drive. Bonnie and I went behind the church and down Winans and Tim and Ron headed out down 64th and to the Martinie Apartments. It was cold but we were blessed. Bonnie and I met women with children who were so greatful for what we were doing and one women was almost in tears. Bonnie kissed a little baby who reached out to her and prayed over another infant in the womb of a couple whose baby is due on May 13th. The people who came to the door were so gracious and some even said they might come and help. Judy joined us when she arrived for prayer and saw us walking down the streets. After that joyous time walking and talking and sharing with our neighbors we went back to church and prayed together and Pam joined us. What a blessing to be able to take time to pray and serve the Lord even though some us were tired from the day. I am reminded that Jesus never used being tired for an excuse to minister to the people. Serving God is a sacrifice but with it comes so many blessings!!!



OurNewChurch said...

Thanks for that reminder Caroline. I need to remember that about Jesus too.
It really was a time of blessing last night and if you have not made it to a Tuesday prayer gathering, I would strongly encorage you to come. As Caroline has said, you will be blessed.


OurNewChurch said...

Caroline, Thanks for this reminder and awesome picture of who Christ is. I am missing prayer time and am so sad about that! I'll be there next week though. Bless you all for being faithful. Can't wait to see what's in store this Saturday! Sal